Christmas elves tip Port City café servers $3,400

A pair of hardworking servers will have a brighter holiday this season thanks to a group of Christmas elves.

The elves, a group of 30 or so Coast friends, enjoyed breakfast this morning at Port City Café in Biloxi. The servers who took care of the group were floored to find out that instead of a standard 20 percent tip, each diner threw in $100 each, giving Lexi Green of Ocean Springs and Sindey Searles of Biloxi a $3,400 tip.

Some of that tip also came from friends who couldn’t make the breakfast.

Last year, the group breakfasted at Phoenicia and did the same thing for their server.

Green says she’ll use the windfall to pay some bills and make Christmas a little brighter for her two children.

Searles says she will also pay some bills and use some for Christmas.

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