Choice Bus Visits Biloxi High School

Whether it’s positive or negative, every choice has a consequence. That was the message driven home to some Biloxi High School students today as the Choice Bus paid a visit to the school.
The Choice Bus is an interactive experience that teaches students how their education will play a role in their future careers and life choices. The experience starts with a short movie telling the real-life stories of some people who made the decision to drop out of high school and ended up in jail, noting that 75 percent of prisoners are high school dropouts and that high school graduates generally earn more throughout their careers. The bus even has a replica jail cell on board that shows students where the wrong choices could land them.
Biloxi High School sophomore Haliegh Holder said, “Stuff like that actually would happen like you can get into trouble and just do one bad thing that can mess your whole life up. You have to make good decisions and stay with the good crowd, with your friends and people who actually care about you bettering you and doing stuff that will help you and not hurt you.”
The bus will spend the next few days at Biloxi High and junior high before its next stop in Atlanta.

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