‘Chillin’ on the Plaza’ Music Fest

We are inching closer and closer to the opening date of the new Centennial Plaza in Gulfport. With the opening of this resort comes some exciting activities.

The Centennial Plaza is expected to open around August 5th. Shortly after this grand opening, the Centennial Plaza will be hosting a massive three-day music festival called ‘Chillin’ on the Coast.’

This weekend-long event will take place from September 20th through the 22nd and will feature around 15 bands per day along with an arts and crafts festival and plenty of great food.

The festival will feature country, blues, and soul music. Sunshine Tour and Travel Owner Greg Everhart said, “I think they will be surprised once they get here. We wanted to make it a whole event so that is why we added the arts and crafts festival and the children’s festival plus with all of the music, eight in the morning, acoustic brunches start in the chapel and it goes all day. It is a big event and we even went out and got some party bands to finish up each night. ‘Bag of Donuts’ is going to be here Friday night. ‘The Molly Ringwalds’ will close us out Saturday. It really is a full event.”

You can purchase tickets online at chillinonthegulfcoast.com.    

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