Children encouraged to read for World Reading Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday

Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and it is celebrated with World Reading Day.

At St. James Catholic Elementary in Gulfport, teachers asked parents of students to read to a class. WXXV’s very own Meggan Gray went to St. James to read to her son’s first grade class.

Many of the students came to school dressed as their favorite Seuss storybook characters.

Teacher Ann Edwards said reading is a great tool for growth in the classroom and it is a huge part of a child’s time at St. James. “Teaching first grade brought a whole new light of reading to the students. Because they come in, can barely… they’re just getting the rhyming words and they’re barely getting words out. And all of a sudden, they become these readers and I watch their love for reading.”

While today is meant to be a reading day for children, everyone is encouraged to read a little more.

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