Child Abuse Prevention month kicks off in Long Beach

The Long Beach Police Department patrol cars will now have more than just blue lights.

For the month of April, Long Beach patrol cars will be decked out in blue ribbons. April marks ‘Child Abuse Prevention Month’ and to kick it off this year, officials from the South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center partnered with the Long Beach Police Department to tie blue bows on their cars.

This is an effort to spread information about the importance of curbing emotional and physical abuse of kids. South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center Program Director Krystle Hilliard said, “The Child Advocacy Center last year conducted 572 forensic interviews with kids who have been physically and sexually assaulted or who have been a witness to a violent crime. It is something that is really prevalent here on the Gulf Coast that we are just wanting to show others that our law enforcement agencies and our multi-disciplinary team that they stand with us against that.”

Not only during the month of April, Long Beach police want to urge people to ‘say something if you hear something.’

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