Chevron Middle School Career Fair

Chevron reached out to local middle schoolers to show them the career opportunities in front of them.
About 400 middle schoolers took part in a career fair at Pelican Landing in Moss Point this morning.
Chevron personnel from a number of different departments gave students hands-on experience with equipment and tools of the trade, not only giving kids a glimpse of future careers, but showcasing teamwork within a corporation.
Ocean Springs seventh grader Laura Ann Lesley said, “I learned that there are a lot of different parts of Chevron, a lot of different jobs and they all kind of work together to form one task and kind of meet one goal.”
Chevron Community Affairs Representative Amy Brandenstein said, “Workforce development is very important to us. Today is all about planting the seed about future careers at Chevron.”
To end the fair, students took a tour of the Chevron Refinery.

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