Cheer Zone Athletics making changes in response to COVID-19

Recreational facilities and businesses for children are among the many types of sectors feeling the impact of coronavirus and now phased reopening.

Cheer Zone Athletics opened up its newest location in D’Iberville this weekend with a meet and greet for parents and kids.

The facility’s opening was delayed by a few months partly due to the coronavirus outbreak. Staff members are constantly at work disinfecting mats and surfaces to comply with current guidelines.

With plans in place to provide peace of mind for kids and their parents, Cheer Zone employees say it’s a good opportunity for kids to get out of the house and have fun. Cheer Zone Athletics D’Iberville Manager Tiffany Alsbury said, “I think that being back in the gym, these kids were missing their friends. They had no socialization. They were not in school. So, bringing them back in the gym and bringing these kids to meet new people at D’Iberville, that’s something that’s so important.”

Parents will be able to watch their children practice their cheer and tumbling skills through open doors at the facility or through the online wise camera system Cheer Zone has set up.

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