ChatGPT becoming popular on college campuses

A website called ChatGPT has become very popular among college students when it comes to writing assignments.

The technology affects all academic institutions. The website is programmed to write papers, essays, poems, and other literary assignments, just by typing in certain prompts.

For example, a poem about cats in the style of Robert Frost will have a detailed response without the student having to write it.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College has been researching how to use it as a teaching device and ways it benefits students since it doesn’t look like it will be disappearing anytime soon. Language Arts Instructor Jason Stuart said, “I realized this wasn’t something to fear and the things that its good at we might as well make use of it just like everyone else will, but also teach students here what it isn’t good at by the way. So be warned, it will get you in trouble these areas but it could be useful in these areas. So, I think a bit of each is teaching them the ethics and values of it as a tool just like anything else.”

The website is free to all, but for new features and improvements it will cost you $20 per month.

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