Changes coming to Cash Alley in Ocean Springs

Navigating Downtown Ocean Springs has become a hassle for pedestrians and drivers and to help alleviate some of the traffic, a portion of Cash Alley will be closed to traffic and strung with overhead lights.

Mayor Kenny Holloway says he has been doing many traffic studies since being elected and feels this will make the area safer for pedestrians.

Closing the street will also make it more difficult for people to get on to Government Street where most of the city’s festivals are held. Mayor Holloway said, “That was just a good area to focus on, to start moving foot traffic and vehicular traffic up and down that street. So, we have some public parking back there. It just made sense with the public parking and people getting into Downtown, that’s where they were parking and they can walk the sidewalks a little bit and get right into the street where he put the bollards off.”

Holloway says this is just the beginning of many road changes coming to the downtown area.

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