Change of Command Ceremony at Keesler Air Force Base

Today, Keesler Air Force Base held a change of command ceremony. This event showed the passing of the torch between Major General Andrea Tullos and Major General Michele Edmondson.

Today was the final day for Second Air Force Commander Andrea Tullos after serving the base since 2019. Now the familiar face of Major General Michele Edmondson will take the reigns as commander and follow in the footsteps set before her. “General Tullos has done amazing things in second air force, and we will continue to do that with the focus on developing the airmen we need to succeed in the future fight, and in doing so, treating them with dignity and respect and create the right environment for every single one of them to have the opportunity to succeed.”

General Edmondson began as second lieutenant in 1992 and climbed the ranks until she became major general in 2020. She most recently held the position of commandant of cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Now, the general returns to the Keesler Air Force Base where she worked as commander of the 81st training wing from 2015 to 2017. “It’s great to come back to a community where you know your kids were familiar, and people are willing to say, ‘yeah I’ll give them an opportunity to try out for the soccer team,’ and just to feel welcome and already have friends that he is already hanging with. So, it does feel like family.”

With a new coronavirus spike on the rise, Edmondson believes she is prepared to take on the challenge and lead her team as best she can. “I think while we all regret that we feel like we are going back to the future a little bit and donning the masks again, we learned so much over the 15 months that we dealt with it the first time.”

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