Central Elementary School perfect attendance challenge

Research shows excellent attendance has been proven to lead to better performance in high school, college, and in the work place.
As an effort to boost attendance at Central Elementary School, Bannister Foundation, Inc. came up with an initiative that challenges both students and parents. The foundation’s goal is simple: for students to go to school every day.
Any child who achieves perfect attendance for the first half of the year will receive a $100 Walmart gift card, just in time for Christmas. Michelle Robinson with the Bannister Foundation said, “We’ve got to challenge the parents. The kids can’t drive. They can’t get here themselves. They want to come to school. We’ve got to motivate the parent.”
Central Elementary Assistant Principal David Allen said, “Perfect means perfect. No tardies. No late checkouts. They must be here every day. Nothing excused. A lot of parents will say ‘well, oh I had to take my child to the doctor.’ We empathize and understand all that, but perfect means perfect.”
The foundation is challenging fifth grade students a little more than others. There are quarterly parties planned based on attendance achievement, as well as a surprise end of the year field trip.

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