Centennial Plaza Chosen for Big Event

A state-wide celebration and a moment in history will be hosted in South Mississippi.
Officials from the Gulf Coast jumped on buses to tour Centennial Plaza where the 200th anniversary celebration of Mississippi will take place in just over six months. The landmark is one of three sites in the state chosen to have a birthday gala for Mississippi.
Chair President for the event George Schloegel tells News 25 it is exciting to see the plaza getting ready for what the grounds were originally built for. “Now that we don’t need that particular VA hospital anymore, we are going back now to a municipal function that will be used for festivals, for activity, for tourism, just a lot of fun and quality of life in Mississippi.”
The Centennial Plaza was chosen to hold the 100th anniversary of Mississippi in 1917, but when WWI broke out the event was cancelled.
The state birthday celebration will start the last week of March. The other celebrations are in Oxford and Jackson.

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