Cemetery Tales at Beauvoir

Take a stroll through Beauvoir’s confederate cemetery and you’ll see a few people buried there telling their stories.
Beauvoir is offering one more day of cemetery tales to the public to learn about our nation’s past in a unique way. The historical tour through the cemetery will tell a tale, each told by high school students who are portraying Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, Mr. John May, Eva McDaniels, Mrs. Mary Anne Fuller, Mr. Wood and the unknown Confederate soldier.
Beauvoir Director of Marketing and Programs Kitsaa Stevens said, “We have actual living historians that portray their ancestors that are buried in our cemetery. The kids have done this before and they just decided they wanted to and of course we were very excited to have them. Anytime we can get the young people involved in our history, especially the history of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, because we’re not only the home of the last president of the Confederacy, we have some very interesting people buried in our cemetery.”
Tickets for the cemetery tales are $5 and the next and final tour will be July 14th.

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