Celtic Music Festival and Scottish Highland Games at the Harrison County Fairgrounds

The annual Celtic Music Festival and Scottish Highland Games took over the Harrison County Fairgrounds over the weekend.

Those who went were really transported back in time as they were treated to a variety of traditional activities, Scottish music, food, beer, and highland dancing competitions to name a few.

You could even learn about your own Scottish heritage and clan histories as you walk through the festival grounds.

Multiple presentations and athletic competitions were held to help people understand the culture better.

This year is the return of the festival since the COVID-19 pandemic. Event Coordinator Terry Campbell said, “You need to keep up with your own heritage because no one will do it for you. Trust me. So, you gotta do it yourself. Show all the positives that have happened in your lines, the things you brought to the world that make it a better place. So, that gives us an opportunity to do that.”

The festival plans on being back around the same time every year moving forward.