Celebrating National School Choice Week

In Gulfport, Brilliant Childcare and Learning Center is celebrating their fourth year participating in National School Choice Week.

School Choice is the process of allowing every family to choose K through 12 educational options that best fit their children. Every child is unique and all children learn differently.

Some children might succeed at a public school while others might fit in better at a private school or in a home learning environment.

National School Choice Week takes place January 22nd through the 28th and each school is encouraged to have children and staff wear red clothing or gold scarves to show their support. Brilliant Childcare and Learning Center Owner Cathy Tate said, “Education is so very important. It gets children a jump start on life. Here we’re not just a childcare center that babysits, we also teach learning. We teach the alphabet. We teach numbers. There’s a variety of Spanish words and Spanish numbers we teach here. At Brilliant Child Care, we have the children at heart.”

If you would like to know more information about National School Choice Week visit schoolchoiceweek.com.

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