Celebrating National Margarita Day at Margaritaville in Biloxi

What better place to have a margarita than Margaritaville in Biloxi on National Margarita Day?!

Margaritaville Café invited their guests to attend Margarita University to learn how to craft the perfect drink.

With help from a bartender, guests were not able to just learn, but also make their own margarita.

Afterwards, they took pictures with a certification saying they passed the class along with the option to wear a cap and gown for pictures.

This is the sixth year Margaritaville hosted the event and will continue it as a tradition every year. Margaritaville Chief Marketing Officer Tessy Lambert said, “There is no better feeling in the world than when you plan an event like this and everything just goes as planned. It’s wonderful. Seeing everyone at our events makes me feel so overjoyed. It’s what I do, having fun is my job.”

Guests were able to drink their margarita after they made it.

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