Celebrating Earth Day at the Mary C

The City of Discovery will once again be celebrating Earth Day on the grounds of the Mary C. this Saturday.

City workers were sprucing up the lawn this morning, adding new shrubs and roses just in time for the coming festivities.

During the event, there will be lectures covering a wide range of topics. They will be discussing things like the National Seashore Park and their mission, how to build a bat house, what you can do to avoid micro plastics, and green architecture. Natalie Ortell with Ocean Springs Environmental Alliance said, “We are really, really excited for our community to come out and recognize how awesome the environment is on the Coast. How amazing these big giant oak trees are that you’ll be sitting under at the Mary C. and start to take initiative in their own every day lives and make a difference in protecting that environment.”

The event is being put on by the Mary C., the Ocean Springs Environmental Alliance, and the Ocean Springs Historic Association.

Once again, the Earth Day festivities are this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

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