CASA holds Pinwheel Garden Ceremony for Child Abuse Prevention Month

CASA of Harrison and Stone Counties planted 56 pinwheels, one for each child currently in the foster care system as of March 1st.

Local leaders and community members reflect on the lives they hope to change for the better day to day.

Right in front of the Stone County Courthouse, pinwheels blow in the wind, reminding the community of children in the foster care system. Youth Court Judge Sean Courtney said, “It’s hard not to think about the faces and the tears that you would see in the courtroom.”

Judge Courtney got on his hands and knees to place a few pinwheels in the grass during the CASA Pinwheel Garden Ceremony. “It’s always an emotional thing when you sit back and reflect on those things.”

CPS representatives, the mayor of Wiggins, CASA organizers, and community members took time to support each other and acknowledge the hard work each agency accomplishes for the betterment of children. “This is a small community and those pinwheels are going to serve as a daily reminder of the children that we’re working for.”

Fifty-six pinwheels, that’s 56 children who have been abused and neglected who are currently in the foster care system as of March 1st. “I wish we were able to do more as it relates to prevention, but it is through education and events like these where we’re able to get word out and hopefully make some difference that way.”

According to Pinwheels for Prevention, in 2008, Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the pinwheel as the new national symbol for child abuse prevention. The pinwheel connotes playfulness, joy, and childhood. CASA of Harrison and Stone Counties Executive Director Tiffany Dillard said, “This location is just perfect because this is where children are protected and this is where Referee Sean Courtney will make sure they are safe and in a permanent home and CASA is just here to help support.”

The pinwheel garden will remain in place throughout the month of April and possibly May for Foster Care Awareness Month.

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