Carry the Load relay honoring sacrifices made by nation’s heroes

Remembering the meaning of Memorial Day, the Pass Christian community is carrying the load.

Carry the Load works to bring all Americans together to participate in honoring our nation’s heroes every day.

Traveling from all across the country, the Honor our Heroes bus makes it way down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the first time.

A 3.9 mile walk on Highway 90 from Pass Christian Walmart to the Yacht Club offers participants time to remember, honor, and carry the load of sacrifices made by our military, veterans, first responders, and their families. Carry the Load East Coast Relay member Bryce Roland said, “The reaction is overwhelmingly positive. Some people know about us beforehand and they come out and walk with us and some see the bus, which is what the bus is for, is a rolling billboard, and they stop and talk to us. That’s what it’s about, just spreading the message, connecting with the community and showing them what Carry the Load and Memorial Day is all about.”

Carry the Load is heading to New Orleans tomorrow to continue the relay until they reach the final destination of Dallas for a large rally.

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