Carriere man accidentally drowns trying to launch boat

A Carriere man who planned a day out on the water has died.

Harrison County Coroner Brian Switzer said Wesley Goode, 53, was at the boat launch at the Small Craft Harbor in Gulfport on Wednesday with a friend to take his boat out.

The Naval Research Laboratory employee had his boat unhooked and was trying to get it in the water when it floated free and started drifting away from him. A friend and co-worker who was with him asked if he needed help retrieving the boat, but Goode said he had it.

As he went out into the harbor, Goode began to struggle, then went under. While Goode’s friend went for help, a bystander went in the water to try to help Goode.

Switzer said Goode’s friend called to some out-of-town firefighters who were doing physical training at Jones Park, asking them to help. They responded, but neither the bystander nor the firefighters could find Goode in the water.

Gulfport Fire Department was called about 9 a.m. and recovered Goode’s body about 9:40 a.m., Switzer said.

The drowning has been ruled accidental, Switzer said.

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