Carl Legett Fishing Tournament

For the 23rd year in a row, fishermen from across the Gulf are gathering for the Carl Legget Fishing Tournament in Biloxi.
The tournament begins at midnight tonight as hundreds of fishermen from across the southeast gather to honor the late Carl Legett. The tournament is open to a wide range of fish from brim to alligator gars. There is even an junior angler’s tournament on Saturday. Weigh-in times are tomorrow and Saturday from 4 to 8 and Sunday from 2 to 5.
Carl Legget’s sister, Mary Ann Mach, spoke to News 25 on the impact that the tournament has on the youth. “There will be people from the marine resources there and they will talk to them about fish and how you catch them. Sometimes you catch them and sometimes you don’t, but that’s what you do when you fish.”
The tournament started in 1995 as a picnic for the Home Builders Association and has since turned into a huge fishing tournament that benefits organizations like the Boys and Girls Club.

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