Carl 2.0 returns to Government Street in Ocean Springs

A beloved unofficial town mascot has come home to roost.

Ocean Springs’ own Carl 2.0 was discharged yesterday from Bienville Animal Medical Center after being injured.

The friendly rooster can now be seen at his usual spots like Li’l Market Bagelry and Twisted Anchor Tattoo.

Oren Zweig, owner of Li’l Market Bagelry, befriended the rooster about a year ago. He says Carl spent Tuesday scarfing down table scraps after living on chicken feed for the last week.

At a glance, it is easy to see the rooster feels right at home. He even took a nap as guests ate breakfast around him. “So, the first day back yesterday, he just stayed here all-day eating. Usually he’ll peck around, eat some food. I’ll give him ham, I’ll give him cream cheese which I guess you’re not supposed to but he loves it, and believe it or not, eggs. He loves eggs. They’re soft. But yesterday he was here all day just eating and eating.”

Carl 2.0 can usually be found at the Bagelry through the morning and migrates to the tattoo shop to roost for the night.

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