Cares Act assistance available for fishermen

The second round of Cares Act assistance for commercial and charter fisheries is now available.

As restaurants and processors shut down during the pandemic, many fishermen were unable to sell what they caught, leaving them at a loss for work.

The second round of Cares Act funding is double what was available for the first round, helping commercial and charter fishermen who lost more than 35% of their revenue during 2020.

Those who did not receive as much compensation that was requested for the first rounds of Cares Act will be first up to receive funding for this round. Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United Executive Director Ryan Bradley said, “It’s just a tremendous thing for them to have this funding. It’s going to keep them in business. It’s really going to save businesses from going out completely. We’re losing so many. We got to support our local fishing community. We got to keep that good seafood coming in here in South Mississippi.”

The deadline to apply is Friday, November 19th. There will be no appeals if the deadline is missed.

If you need help calculating your loss in revenue contact Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United.

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