Career Day gives Pass Christian students opportunity to network with community leaders

Pass Christian High School students are being exposed to new career paths.

Close to 40 businesses and organizations were recruiting high school students to give them insight into career opportunities.

Students were able to learn about how their education can be of use in the real world.

They were able to try simulators to give them a hands-on experience as well as sign up for job programs and courses.

This career day allowed 9th through 12th graders to begin networking with community leaders and members who are willing to set them up for success.  Principal Beth Bellipanni said, “I think it’s so important, one, if they’re not going to college, we have this exposure for them to say that’s not the only way that you can go exit high school and be successful. They have various opportunities and they get to meet and form relationships with different business partners around the community.”

Principal Bellipanni says Pass Christian High School holds Career Day as an annual event and has been successful since the beginning.

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