Car Wreck Causes Hazmat Situation on Seaway & Lorraine

Seaway and Lorraine Roads in Gulfport are now open to traffic after a car crashed into a city water facility. The crash led to a chlorine gas leak. Hazmat crews were called out to clear the area.

A man driving a Nissan Altima crashed his car into a building in Gulfport Monday, resulting in a hazardous situation. Sgt. Damon McDaniel, Public Information Officer for the Gulfport Police Department, says, "We have several fire personnel wearing hazmat suits that are trying to assess the damages and the gas that was being released to make sure that it was shut off and make sure this area is safe."

The man was traveling east down Seaway Road when he crashed into the small blue building, rupturing a tank of chlorine. McDaniel also says, "And the chlorine that was in that building is chlorine that disinfects the water, making the water safe for everyone that’s in this area to drink."

Several people, including the driver, have been transported to area hospitals due to exposure to the chlorine gas released in the air. Michael Beyerstedt, Gulfport Fire Chief, says, "It affects your respiratory system. It can also affect your skin if you have any moisture on your skin, which today of course with the humidity in the air, everyone has some moisture on their skin, but our main concern is the respiratory. It could be fatal."

The Gulfport Police and Fire Departments worked together to quickly clear the area, which could have been a much messier situation. Beyerstedt closes, "This was a great team effort between the Gulfport Police Department, the fire department, we used Harrison County Emergency Services, and A.M.R. was also a big help on the scene."

Both Seaway and Lorraine Roads have since been opened to traffic. The gas has dissipated and the leak is secure. Police are still investigating the cause of the wreck.

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