Car submerged under water on Cedar Lake Road

After hydroplaning in potential flood waters, a car became submerged underwater on Cedar Lake Road in a body of water linked to the Biloxi River. News 25’s Taylor Rubach was on scene and spoke with the passenger of the vehicle who shares how they managed to escape as the car was sinking.
It happened in the blink of an eye, two people inside a Buick driving on Cedar Lake Road hydroplaned just north of the bridge and then drifted and slowly became submerged underwater. Josh Taylor was the passenger inside the car, explaining how it all happened so quickly. “I wasn’t really paying attention until we were already in the water and it was definitely terrifying for both of us. I mean, the only thing I could think about is our kids and just getting out safely.”
As the water began to rise above the hood of the car, the two managed to escape through the windows, just in time. Deputy Chief Jeff Merrill with the Biloxi Fire Department explained the call came in around around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning and says the area is known to flood frequently. “At this part of the area of Cedar Lake, it’s typical that any type of rain storm or storm as we have right now, water tends to pull and stand in this roadway and that contributed to the accident.”
Now looking at nothing but still water, with the car completely underwater, Taylor was the one to go back under, desperately trying to get the car on higher ground. “It was definitely a task. The hardest thing was trying to find it and actually getting down to the car at the wheels, lots of pressure down there and couldn’t see anything so it was all mostly by feel.”
The road does not have a guardrail to prevent a situation like this which is why Chief Merrill says everyone should take caution. “Anytime you approach an area where there’s water standing in the road, you need to slow down, you need to assess the situation, if you don’t know how deep it is, you need to turn around.’
For Taylor and his friend, they’re thankful to see another day. “Good karma, that’s all you can look at.”

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