Car Slams Into 18-Wheeler

Car slams into a parked 18-wheeler this morning…causing some backup on the Exit 28 off ramp in Harrison County.

A small four door car drove off of I-10 west onto the county farm road exit around 4:45am.
Fortunately there were no injuries in the early morning accident…but the ramp was temporarily blocked while crews towed the car and cleaned up the glass from the scene.
The driver of the 18-wheeler tells news 25 he was pulled over on the side of the ramp, checking on his tires when a female driver rammed into the side of his truck.

“I noticed some lights in the mirror that were shaking and I happened to look up and this white car coming off the ramp just creamed me in the back end and side of the trailer there…I’m just glad everybody’s okay although I’m a little shaken up myself and a little nervous, everybody’s okay and I’m glad of that.”
– Marty Senn Driver of 18-Wheeler

The off ramp opened back up for drivers around 6:30 this morning.

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