Car Crashes Into Store

Thieves employ extreme techniques when they commit a robbery.
Some take big risks including putting their own and other people’s lives in danger. This is exactly what happened this weekend when a bold criminal decided he would do whatever it takes to get his hands on some pharmaceutical drugs.
Timothy James Motta had first attempted to enter Jackson Pharmacy in Gulfport by ramming his car through the clothing store that was attached to the back of the pharmacy, when this failed he came up with a new plan. He turned his car around and drove it through the garage doors and destroyed the inside of the store.
This isn’t the first time the store has been broken into, but it was the first time someone drove a car through the doors. This act of desperation could have closed the pharmacy down but friends of the Jackson family wouldn’t let this act of violence keep their doors shut.
The pharmacy was up and running at normal business hours within 24 hours.
The driver of the vehicle is in police custody and has been charged with felony malicious mischief, commercial burglary, attempted armed carjacking and armed carjacking.

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