Car burglar strikes homes in Long Beach

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell spoke of the summer months being a time when people could be more susceptible to letting their guards down. Whether or not that’s true, it does seem as though car burglars are striking all across the Coast from Ocean Springs to Hancock County.
Here’s surveillance video posted to Facebook by Christopher Cirillo. It shows men going up to his cars, parked under his home. They appear to pull on the door handles and then walk away once they realized it’s locked, but then they go to the other car that is unlocked.
Cirillo tells News 25 there’s a serious feeling of vulnerability to see strangers on his property attempting to steal from his household. Cirillo says Long Beach authorities are following leads after other cars in Long Beach have been burglarized, but no one has been arrested yet.
If you know who these men are, please call your local authorities or Crime Stoppers.

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