Captain Al’s Fundraiser and Car Show

Captain Al’s restaurant hosted a classic car, bike, jeep, and truck show over the weekend while getting the community to donate toys for kids this Christmas season.

Captain Al hosted the second annual ‘Toys for Tots’ Fundraiser this weekend. Boxes and boxes of toys, bikes, and prizes were donated for children in need.

Captain Al says he was never prepared for the number of people who came out to give their support and he’s proud knowing these kids will have a great Christmas. “Lots of kids will be getting a lot more toys than they probably would be getting on account of all this and it’s just a great feeling. We raised so many toys that the people that’s in charge of all it they said out of all the things they’ve done; we had more toys last year and this year it’s a lot bigger and I know it’s gone be better. Everybody’s participating in all and it’s just fantastic.”

If you would like to donate to Toys for Tots visit

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