Canopy South MS Child Advocacy Center on a mission

It’s the season for giving and what better time to host a gift drive for young people right here in our area?  Canopy South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center is working hard to do just that and you can help!

They’ve decked the halls at Canopy South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center in Gulfport, but don’t let the festive holiday decorations fool you, these dedicated workers face a tough task daily. Canopy South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center Local Multi-Disciplinary Coordinator Lisa Zimmerman said, “We service children 3 to 17. They have been a victim of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or have witnessed a violent crime. We provide forensic interviews, therapy services, victim advocacy services, and we provide an all-around multi-disciplinary approach to provide best services for the child.”

Hitting close to home for these child advocates who have children of their own, including Cassidy Redding, who is spending Christmas for the first time with her son who’s just seven-months-old, just one of many reasons why they’re collecting holiday toys and gifts for the local children they help year round. “This job became a little harder when I became a mom. It’s hard to see children go through these kinds of things, especially through a mother’s perspective, so I’m really hoping we can have a good turnout this year and we can spread lots of joy.”

You can drop off your toys and donations at one of Canopy’s two locations-one on Watts Avenue in Pascagoula and the other on 17th Street in Gulfport. They’re looking for toys and gifts for young people ages 3 to 17, and will be collecting the toys until December 14th. “A little late in the game, but we’re hoping to spread holiday cheer this year.”

“Last year we actually had a mom who came into our conference room. She actually cried when she walked in the door because there were so many toys, and she was just overwhelmed by being able to give all her children what she had always wanted to give them.”

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