Candidates Eagerly Await Waveland Mayoral Election Results

The people of Waveland are electing a new mayor Tuesday, along with their City Alderman.

Mayoral candidates, Democrat, Mike Smith, and Republican, Jay Trapani, along with other candidates for each race, gathered outside the Waveland fire station, greeting residents as they went to vote. The groups made sure to keep a safe distance from the polls, but made sure to make their presence known.

Trapani says, “This is a Waveland tradition on Election Day, since we only have one polling poll, everyone who is a candidate and sets up a tent and has supporters with signs, and just spends the whole day out here, you know, talking to voters as they come up. It’s just one of those things that you just have to be out here.”

Smith says, “Excited, elated actually, for the amount of people who are already showing up. There is a little over 300, so I’m excited about that, and finally it took forever to get here, but it’s here today.”

The new mayor will be sworn in Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Waveland City Hall.

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