Camp Wilkes celebrates 75th anniversary

Camp Wilkes hosted a celebration to mark the milestone of its 75th anniversary Sunday.
Camp Wilkes is an 87 acre facility located on the north shore of Biloxi’s Back Bay. It has provided a beautiful natural wooded camp for the youth of our Mississippi Gulf Coast communities and organizations since 1942.
The anniversary celebration was a time to recognize the hundreds of campers and volunteers of the Boy and Girl Scouts troops. Many church youth groups and service organizations who have utilized Camp Wilkes over the last 75 years. Penny Edwards with the Camp Wilkes Board of Trustees said, “Originally started across the bay, what is the north end of the Keesler runway in 1938. Having moved there after the boy scout hut had burnt down in 1936. So, in 1942, they actually floated the buildings they had put together and floated them across Back Bay and assembled them here on their forever home.”
Edwards told News 25 that Camp Wilkes is the oldest youth camp in South Mississippi.

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