Camp Stanislaus Gets a Behind the Scenes Look at the Circus

Its day two that the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ is in Biloxi, but today was a little different.
Boys and girls from Camp Stanislaus in Bay St. Louis were given an inside look on what it takes to be part of the circus. They competed in cup stacking challenges, barrel races and jump roping exercises.
Every stop on their tour, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey make sure to include activities that encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Kelli Argott, a circus clown, said, “Part of my job is to show people that you can have fun being physical. That’s my whole job is having fun while being physical and communicating with people on that level, rather than just verbal.”
The kids also had a watermelon eating competition against two elephants.
Camp Stanislaus is a summer camp for kids 8 to 15 that encourages outdoor activities and staying active.

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