Camp Deaf kicks off

The de l’Epee Deaf Center in Gulfport is hosting their annual five day camp ‘Camp Deaf’ this week.

It’s a place where children whose first language is American Sign Language can come to interact with other like children through field trips and fun activities, an environment where communication is simple. An average of 25 kids are expected each year.

So far this week they’ve gone goofy golfing and to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.

Ally Lamar has been a camper since she was a little girl and says it changed her life in many positives ways, like being able to socialize with other deaf children and share the same language.

Now, as an adult volunteer, Ally hopes to leave an impact on these children by acting as their role model. “It makes me proud because I know they do look up to me and they ask me questions. I just love and I really cherish them and I know they trust me.  I tell the children they can be just like me. You can do what you want to do. I always tell them that. They have no limits, whatever they want for their future. I know their future will be bright.”

Ally tells News 25 it’s like a family at camp. It’s become a part of her and she plans on doing this for the rest of her life.

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