Calling for a Change

As state lawmakers continue to discuss bills regarding gun rights, the Gulfport Police Department is starting a conversation of its own.
Police Chief Leonard Papania held a press conference this afternoon to address gun control issues in the community. Just yesterday, the department responded to three incidents within a 12 hour time span that involved firearms or an implied firearm.
Chief Papania stated although crime numbers are down from last year, a change still needs to happen. He tells News 25 that change requires help from lawmakers and the people in the community. “We need to make laws that make our community safer. I believe that somewhere in the middle of this polarized political issue is some good sense answers. Law enforcement is doing its part to maintain the safety of our community. We must continue to recognize that much of our crime occurs as a result of the continued allowance of a criminal subculture,” said Chief Papania.
Chief Papania says police will continue to work tirelessly to address the issue in the community but hopes today’s conversation will generate help from others as well.
Hear more from today’s press conference on WXXV News at 10.

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