Cab Drivers Versus Motor Vehicle for Hire

The battle between independent taxi cab drivers and the city of Biloxi has continued into the New Year.
During tonight’s City Council meeting, Councilman Paul Tisdale requested an authorization for a $5,000 Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority expense. He also requested to extend the deadline of withdrawal from the MVHA, upsetting multiple cab drivers in attendance.
Taxi cab driver Bryan Shaw tells News 25 that Councilman Robert Deming has created a solution that would replace the Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority with rules and regulations most cab drivers agree with. “And we’re asking the city of Biloxi to honor the mayor’s letter of intent that he sent out over four months ago to withdraw their support from the Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority and to adopt Councilman Deming’s proposal,” said Shaw.
Councilman Tisdale’s request was denied after a 5-1 vote from the board.

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