Business Coach Bill Walsh hosts workshop for small businesses

Business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs are learning secrets of success for a business guru.

Venture capitalist and business coach Bill Walsh held a workshop in Gulfport to teach small businesses how to survive and thrive in any economy.

The CEO of Powerteam International stressed the importance of building a team, a solid plan, and using great systems to be able to win in business.

Walsh also says it is important to never quit on your goals because success is on the other side of failure. “I think so often we get around negative people, energy sucking vampires that want to pull the life out of us. I will tell you that most entrepreneurs, if you really measure success it’s defined by something very simple: persistence plus failure equals success so it’s so important number one, never quit.”

If you want to learn more on Bill Walsh’s philosophy on leadership, text the word ‘WIN’ to 26786 and receive a free copy of his book ‘The Obvious.’

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