Burglary suspect who led police on high speed chase captured

What would you do if a suspect of a high speed chase crashed an RV near your workplace trying to escape?

News 25’s Jaylon Morris speaks with a witness and has the latest on the Monday night police pursuit through Harrison County.

“I didn’t see him until he ran past me. There’s no telling if he was running past me and if I thought he was running at me, I would have grabbed him.” After leaving his son’s baseball game, Jason Marshall wanted to return to work. However, with 20 cop cars blocking off the area, plans had changed. “So, I’m waiting since they have the road blocked off and here comes the RV again. Guess he made a loop to come back around.”

After a residential burglary call, 34-year-old Andrew Law, along with two other suspects, led deputies and officers on a chase through the Woolmarket area, crashing near the Camping World in Biloxi. Major Chris De Back with Biloxi PD said, “Two people from the vehicle were apprehended. The driver of the vehicle fled into Camping World’s property.”

Law fled the scene, stole a nearby RV and led officers on another chase. “Officers attempted to stop him, both Harrison County and Long Beach and Biloxi. He eventually stopped over in Long Beach.”

“I look up and I’m opening the gate and I see the motor home going through the yard.  I hear him crashing and a bunch of racket. He slid sideways,” said Marshall.

After Law crashed the RV, it was Marshall who noticed he got out. The two actually crossed paths as Law tried to escape. In a matter of seconds, Marshall knew he had to do something to help aid the police. “So, I ran inside real quick and grabbed a flashlight. I was waving him down. I was telling him ‘hey, he went that way.’”

It was too late as Law had escaped.  On Tuesday, Law was taken into custody by Harrison County and is charged with felony fleeing, burglary of a dwelling, and aggravated assault on a police officer. Thirty-three year-old Divinity Mires was also charged with burglary of a dwelling. “At this time the investigation is still ongoing.”

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