Bulldogs unphased by pressure of College World Series

In an eight-team field of all Power 5 schools, MSU might be considered the underdog.

But, considering State comes from the Southeastern Conference, which placed an NCAA Tournament best ten teams in a Regional, State is exuding confidence as one of three SEC teams still in the hunt.

First up is a date with Pac 12 Washington.  MSU head baseball Coach Gary Henderson said, “I think 20, 25 years ago it was big ball out here in the SEC and small ball on the west coast. I think there’s a tremendous amount of familiarity at this point, there’s no secrets, everybody is on TV, you can get to know who you’re playing pretty quick.”

MSU center fielder Jake Mangum said, “There’s different tendencies in different conferences, but look, if you can make it out of the SEC you’re going to be all right. There’s going to be some really good teams from other conferences there, obviously, I mean they’re in Omaha. But the SEC, if you’re not ready for it, it will destroy you. And if you can make it out of it, you can take on anything. I mean that.”

MSU left for Omaha this afternoon and will speak to the media for the first time on Friday. First pitch versus the Huskies is set for Saturday at 7 p.m.

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