Buddy Bags for Foster Kids

Sometimes for a child the transition into foster care can be a tough one, but one local foster parent has come up with a way to make that transition a little more comfortable.
As a foster parent, Brandy Hamilton knows all too well moving into a new home can be a little intimidating for children. That’s why she put together these buddy bags. With help from the D’Iberville Chick-Fil-A and Geiger, Brandy was able to put together 50 buddy bags full of goodies for infants all the way up to teenagers who are making the move.
Each bag contains a stuffed animal, blanket, activity books with crayons and a hygiene kit to make the transition a little more comfortable. “It’s important to me because as a foster parent, they come to our house and if they come with anything at all, they have a grocery bag and it may have ill-fitting clothes in it and maybe a couple little toys and that’s about it. So, I wanted to make sure that they knew that someone loved them and cared about them and that they had a piece that was their own,” said Hamilton.
This is the first year Brandy Hamilton put together the Buddy Bags. She says she hopes to continue this in the future with the help of sponsorships from more local businesses.

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