Brush Fire Put Out After Threatening Homes in West Harrison County

Flames threatened the homes of some West Harrison County residents after a brush fire swept out of control Wednesday. Fortunately, no one was injured, and no homes were damaged, thanks to the hard work and quick response of local firefighters and the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Seven trucks and eight Harrison County firefighters, alongside firefighters with the Mississippi Forestry Commission were on scene soon after a brush fire burned out of control in West Harrison County yesterday.

The large fire took about two hours to extinguish and endangered nearby homes located on Lloyd Ladner Road. Fire officials say the fire started when a man burning leaves lost control of the fire, as the winds picked up and spread the flames.

Fortunately there was no loss of life, nor any major property loss, but people are reminded if they allow fires to get out of control and cause damage to other people’s property, they could be required to pay for the cost of emergency crews responding to the fire. Another good rule of thumb-never leave fires unattended and be sure to have the tools and water needed to control the fires you start.

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