Brittney Reese and Prince Jones speak at Lyman Senior Center

With Martin Luther King Day approaching, the Lyman Senior Center in Gulfport had some guests drop by to talk about the impact Martin Luther King Jr. had on them.

Gulfport Track and Field Coach Brittney Reese and former Athletic Director William Prince Jones spoke at the Lyman Senior Center about Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact he had made not only in the world, but for them personally.

Both idolize MLK and used some of his philosophy when it came to serving their community.

William Prince Jones, also known as Prince, was the first black athletic director in a public school on the Gulf Coast and recently had a track named after him at Gulfport High School. Throughout his speech, Jones shared some personal experiences. Jones said, “I had the fortune to live next door when I was playing basketball at Alabama State High School. I lived next door to where they had bombed his house, i had the opportunity to walk in his front yard and I just thought it was really nice and great and cool for us to be able to do that.”

Reese is walking in the same path as her former coach, Prince Jones. Reese, who many know as a former U.S. Olympian in the long jump, spoke about how MLK inspired her to not only keep going after her dreams, but to make sure she leads with the best intentions, especially for her student athletes. “Being a track coach is a way for me to give back. I’ve always been big in the community, big on helping the youth succeed and my goal now is to make these kids understand how much potential they have and get them scholarships and move them on to their careers.”

Reese is also known in the community for helping during the holidays for those less fortunate. She tells News 25 that MLK’s philosophy of creating unity between all races has set an example on how she should be. “It’s not about race, gender, anything like that. It’s just about us all being one and all getting along and helping communities for us to all grow.”

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