Bringing smiles to seniors at the Pillars of Biloxi

One Biloxi nursing home is getting back into the swing of holding interactive events for their residents. The Pillars of Biloxi brought smiles to seniors’ faces for National Nursing Home Week.

From birds to chinchillas to even creepy crawly tarantulas, residents at the Pillars enjoyed an afternoon in the sun with some of Earth’s coolest creatures.

It was all smiles in Biloxi as the Pillars of Biloxi emerges from some COVID-19 restrictions and resumes fun and interactive activities for those in their care. Pillars of Biloxi Director of Community Relations Courtney Williams said, “The residents for the past year really did nothing, they were inside, they couldn’t see anyone, have any sunlight, so we thought what a great way to open back up and let them get some enjoyment.”

The crew from Safari Tails Adventures made the trip down from Lumberton to showcase their animals, allowing Pillars’ residents to hold, feel, and see a wide range of critters. Safari Tails Adventures Owner Arianna Levine said, “We brought lots of the fur and feathery animals, but I wanted to bring a tarantula and a snake too, and so I loved to bring them to change people’s minds on the misunderstood animals.”

Pillars staff members say there was lots of excitement building up to the moment as well. “One of them was ready looking for the animals this morning, so they’ve been excited to be able to get out and just kind of see something different.”

As things start to return to normal, the hope is that this is the first of many fun events for residents in 2021. “I love to bring smiles to people’s faces and make their day a little bit happier.”

“I think this is the day, the week that we’re open, starting to open up, and start really getting some life back into people.”

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