The Brides of Le Baleine get plaque at the Biloxi Visitors Center

Another way locals and visitors can explore the history of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is by taking a stop at the new interactive Brides of Baleine commemorative plaque at the Biloxi Visitors Center.

This afternoon, the plaque was unveiled at a ceremony put on by the Brides of Baleine committee. On the plaque visitors can scan QR codes to learn more about the descendants of the brides and their story.

The Brides of Baleine were 88 women who sailed from France, arriving at Old Biloxi on January 8th, 1721. The women were transported from France under the direction of the archbishop of Paris for the purpose of expanding the settlement by marrying French soldiers.

The late Randall Ladnier, a descendant of the brides, researched and authored the book “The Brides of La Baleine.”

Ladnier’s brother, Dale Ladnier, echoes his brother’s emphasis on the importance of the brides’ story. “The impact that they have had on this community is something that needs to be understood by everybody. And this is part of our process here, is, first of all, to set up a plaque and then we will reach out to get more people involved so that next year we can have a 300th year anniversary of their arrival in Biloxi. I think it’s important for everybody to understand where they’re from and what cultures have impacted them.”

Members of the founding families are encouraged to join the Facebook group ‘La Baleine Society’ in order to connect with the committee and other descendants.

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