Coroner Identifies Victims In Biloxi Train Vs. Bus Collision

Harrison County Coroner, Gary Hargrove, identified the four people killed in Tuesday’s fatal train vs. charter bus collision on Main Street in Biloxi.

Ken Hoffman, 82, and his wife, Peggy Hoffman, 73, were retired from the Lockhart School District south of Austin, Texas. Ken Hoffman worked for the district for decades and had served as an Assistant Superintendent. His wife was an elementary school principal.

The other two individuals were identified as Clinton Harvan, 79, of Sealy, Texas, and Deborah Orr, 62, of Bastrop, Texas.

Over 30 passengers were transported to nearby hospitals for medical treatment following the tragic crash. Seven people were uninjured.

NTSB is in the process of investigating the cause of the crash.

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