Breakfast with Waveland’s Mayor-Elect

This morning, community leaders in Waveland came together at the Silver Slipper to meet Mayor-Elect Jay Trapani at the Hancock Chamber of Commerce Power Hour Breakfast.

Trapani had run for mayor three times and finally won the position earlier this month. He’s a real estate agent with Coastal Delta Realty and has been in the city for more than 21 years.

When Trapani announced his candidacy for mayor, he said his plans for the city are to preserve the small-town charm of Waveland and improve the services and quality of life for each resident.

Trapani says his main focus is growing the city and bringing more business to Coleman Avenue. “I sat back as a citizen and saw what I thought Waveland needs for the future. We need to bring back our main street, Coleman Avenue. That is where City Hall is located. Currently, we only have one small business open in the Ground Zero Museum. We have a couple projects in the works. They are going to be at the foot of Coleman Avenue. Some condo projects, some commercial retail stuff. So, it’s getting ready to happen and it’s probably going to happen the first of the year.”

Trapani is also looking forward to improving drainage, public safety, and beautification efforts.

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