Breakfast with the Mayor in Biloxi

Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich spoke passionately about the science behind the sand solution on Highway 90 plus updated a crowd on the infrastructure project during Breakfast with the Mayor.
Mayor Gilich demonstrated the project using small blocks of the seawall and the ‘L’ shaped segments. The interlocking segments would be installed from the fifth step of the nine step seawall, creating a ten foot concrete boardwalk.
Mayor Gilich also talked about the north contract where Oscar Renda crews are repairing 55 miles of roadway in east Biloxi. He tells News 25 even though the process has caused some headaches, the city can learn from this experience when creating the south contract.
Mayor Gilich also talked about the downtown restoration project surrounding Howard Avenue. He plans to return the road to two lanes and complete the exterior makeover to Saenger Theater by the end of 2018 plus install Highway 90 crosswalks at MGM and the small craft harbor by 2019.

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