Brandon High football player dies during practice

A Brandon High School football player died Monday during an afternoon football practice.

Phillip Laster Jr. passed away on Monday. According to Coroner David Ruth, no injuries were detected, and his body was taken to the state medical examiner’s office.

Temperatures were in the low 90s.

The Rankin School District says all players are required to have a physical before being allowed to participate in sports.

Laster’s parents, who often referred to him as Tre, described him as a good kid and shared with us the phone call they had with Brandon High School’s football staff. “I was out of state when they contacted me and I talked to the coach. He told me it would be best for me to come on home because the situation was pretty, so I made my way home and got the phone call from a doctor that said they had done all they could do and he had passed and life changed.”

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