BP Protesters Return to Gulf Coast

Justice for the eleven lives lost, compensation for denied health claims, and a replenished fish population.

These are just some of the demands from the Gulf Coast Coalition, which marched at the BP headquarters in Houston, Texas.


“We brought with us some petitions, we had some Gulf Restoration Network and CARE2 sponsored a petition along the five coastal states. And, there were about 16-hundred people that signed that. It was basically an effort to get BP to stop lying, to fulfill their promise of making us whole," says Jenny Crosslin, of the STEPS Coalition.


While BP has paid some claims, advocates say the Vietnamese fisherman are being pushed to the side, and are still feeling the detrimental effects of the oil spill.


"What has happened to these fishing communities – they have faced great economic hardship because of the dead fisheries, dying stock, and greatly reduced catches,” says Thao Vu, of the Vietnamese Fisherfolk organization.


According to Vu and Crosslin, some of BP’s clean-up efforts have made things even worse.


"The fisherman and other community members that were exposed during the cleanup process were exposed to toxic chemicals, and their claims have pretty much been denied,” says Crosslin. She also claims BP hasn’t admitted to any fault and hasn’t even acknowledged their health effects.


“We want a full acknowledgment of what has happened to these peoples’ health,” says Thao Vu.


Back on the Gulf Coast today, advocates are looking forward to next year’s anniversary and their continued fight for justice for fishermen and the natural resources in Mississippi.

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